The Seventh Annual H.L. Mencken Club Conference

The Left

October 31st - November 2nd, 2014


Friday, October 31st

5:00-7:00 PM - Registration

7:00-10:00 PM - Banquet

Introduction - James Kalb

Presidential address: “The Twilight of the Archaic Right” - Paul Gottfried

The European Right - Sean Gabb


Saturday, November 1st

9:00-10:15 AM - Panel: The Left and Human Nature 

Moderator: Byron Roth

John Derbyshire, Jim Kalb, Tito Perdue

10:45 AM-12:00 PM - Panel: The Left and the State

Moderator: Carl Horowitz

Paul Gottfried, Keith Preston, Edwin Rubinstein

12:30-2:00 PM -  Special Saturday Luncheon Speaker

2:30-4:00 PM - Panel: The Left and Education

Moderator: Fran Griffin

Robert Weissberg, Robert Jackall, David Frisk

6:00-7:00 PM - Reception

7:00-10:00 PM - Banquet & Debate: Should Immigration be the chief social issue for the Real Right?

Peter Brimelow, Paul Gottfried, Jim Kalb, John Derbyshire and special guest participant


Sunday, November 2nd

9:00-11:00 AM - Breakfast for H.L. Mencken Club Members Only 


Speaker Biographies

Peter Brimelow, financial journalist, founder of, author of several books including Alien Nation: Common Sense about America's Immigraion Disaster (1995)

John Derbyshire, mathematician and cultural commentator. He is the author of several books including We are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism (2009) and Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics (2003).

David Frisk, resident fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization. He is the author of If Not Us, Who? William Rusher, National Review, and the Conservative Movement (2012)

Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance, a U.K. free market and civil liberties think-tank. He is the author of several books including Freedom of Speech in England: Its Present State and Likely Prospects (2013).

Paul Gottfried, author of nine books including, Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America (2012).

Fran Griffin, founder of Griffin Communications and the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation, publisher of Joe Sobran, the National Review Years (2012)

Carl Horowitz, affiliated with the National Legal and Policy Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethics and accountability in public life. He holds a Ph.D. in urban planning, and specializes in labor, immigration and housing policy issues.

Robert Jackall, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Williams College.

Jim Kalb, lawyer (J.D., Yale Law School) and author, The Tyranny of Liberalism: Understanding and Overcoming Administered Freedom, Inquisatorial Tolerance, and Equality by Command (2008). His latest book is Against Inclusiveness: How the Diversity Regime Is Flattening America and the West and What to Do About It.

Tito Perdue, author of several works of fiction. He has been dubbed "one of the most important contemporary Southern writers" by the New York Press, and his iconic character Lee Pefley has been called "a reactionary snob" by Publisher's Weekly.

Keith Preston, chief editor of He was awarded the 2008 Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize by the United Kingdom's Libertarian Alliance for his essay, "Free Enterprise: The Antidote to Corporate Plutocracy."

Byron Roth, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Dowling College. He is the author, most recently, of The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature.  

Edwin Rubenstein, President of ESR Research Economic Consultants.

Robert Weissberg, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Illinois. He is the author of Pernicious Tolerance  and other books including Bad Students, not Bad Schools (2012).