Meditations on the Holy Season

By Paul Gottfried

As we enter Holy Season, going from Kwanza through Martin Luther King’s epiphany to Black History Month and then Women’s Month, it may be useful to recall a resounding commentary that Bill O’Reilly offered on his show last week in response to critic. Some wiseacre objected to a statement that Bill made, perhaps as an amateur theologian, that if we can have a federal holiday for MLK, then we should do the same for Jesus? Clearly the letter-writer was offended by the comparison of what he thought were two spiritually unequal persons; and so Bill had to set him straight. 

According to his inspired explanation, Jesus was really like MLK. Although a Jew rather than a Baptist, he too communicated with God. Why should we treat Jesus’ reaching out to the Divine as being any less worthy of our consideration than that of the Reverend Doctor King? This of course was to beg certain questions: for example, that the Catholic Church to which O’Reilly technically belongs proclaims the divinity of Jesus, not just his attempt to speak to the Man Upstairs. Moreover, there are lots of weirdoes out there claiming to be speaking to spirits. Why should we give the figures whom Bill admires any special recognition, other than the fact that both have had their birthdays (or in Jesus’s case presumed birthday) raised to federal holidays?

In Bill’s defense, I should point out that in the course of his attempt to give Jesus equal billing (pardon the pun!) with MLK, this TV personality revived a medieval theological argument, dealing with degrees of perfection. Just as in the Middle Ages, all lesser forms of life were judged in relation to a divine being, who was perfect in all his aspects, the ens perfectissimum in our PC society has become the slain civil rights leader.  In fact Jesus must be judged in comparison to King, and this figure’s real or imaginary achievements must be measured by how closely they approximate King’s now mythologized life. That is the current revised version of having to judge the lesser degree of perfection by the higher one.

Talking about liturgical calendars, it behooves me to mention that at a local college, an especially esteemed dignitary has been invited to enhance the Martin Luther King Week festivities. For the ignorant I should note that this college has extended the MLK celebration from a single day to an entire week, so that this festive occasion now goes from “Holiday Season” and Kwanza directly into Black History Month. The average student is simply overwhelmed with the sense of the Sacred, and it makes me think that those complaints from Evangelicals about America becoming a secular country is so much cow manure. The kids at this college just reel from one religious event to the next. I suspect that by next year they’ll be encouraged to fast on Ramadan.

In any case the MLK Week special guest will be the longtime “civil rights activist” and now a “women’s rights advocate” Angela Davis. That may be a bit like calling Adolf a German political celebrity or characterizing Mao Tse Tung, as the American media actually described this despot during his lifetime, as an “agrarian reformer.” Such twentieth-century luminaries had more noteworthy vocations, such as wiping out millions of people. Although Angela can’t boast of having wiped out as many victims, she was an accomplice in at least one murder, that of a California judge Harold Haley in 1970. Although the charges against her were never proved beyond a shadow of doubt and she eventually was released from prison, there is considerable circumstantial evidence that Ms. Davis helped black terrorist sneak weapons into Haley’s courtroom, where the judge was murdered and several other victims severely maimed. In the 1980s Davis had run for vice-president twice as the Communist Party candidate, and since the dissolution of the party has reinvented herself (like multitudes of European ex-Communists) as an expert on “women race, and class.” After the Soviets put down the Czech Spring uprising of 1968, Angela lamented the excessively lenient treatment that had been meted out to imprisoned Soviet dissenters. I really couldn’t think of a speaker who is more appropriate for the occasion for which she’s been invited.

 Angela and I were both well-treated students of the same teacher, Herbert Marcuse. We each studied with this social radical and have now come to the same conclusion, from different perspectives. There is something fundamentally wrong with white American society; and a recent interview with performer Jamie Foxx, in which this SNL guest underlined his profound distaste for “white people,” and even suggested, perhaps only half- jokingly, a desire to get rid of them, to the thunderous ovation of his mostly white auditors, has underscored serious matters. What the hell is wrong with the white population here and in Western Europe that it shows no pride in its historic identity, allows itself to be insulted by those who despise its ancestral way of life and runs around celebrating its detractors? I don’t think there is anything specifically “liberal” about these acts of self-degradation because I see the putative Right doing the same thing, perhaps even more unctuously. As my readers may have guessed (and I’m too old to hide it) my skin crawls when I see “conservatives” running in with their contributions to the MLK cult, Black History Month, and the rest of the penitential calendar created by whites, with the particularly surprising acquiescence of white males.   

And I don’t blame blacks, Hispanics or Muslims for the craziness that white Euro-Americans have unleashed on themselves. The blame belongs to the members of a degenerate Western society that has pulled out all stops to create a religion of privileged victims. The white participants in this religion have begun to look like participants in Filipino or Mexican penitential processions who are happily flagellating themselves or begging other to whip them. The Holiday-Kwanza Season always intensifies my contempt for those who go along with these exhibitions of masochism. Why can’t the majority openly display Christmas decorations and wish everyone a ”blessed Christmas” without having to apologize to Jewish liberal lawyers or anti-Christian Christian activists? Just tell the harassers to go shove it. I’m also appalled that college trustees all over the country have passively watched their schools being turned into centers of anti-white, anti-Western victim cults. Don’t these Romney-like moneybags have any guts or convictions? As for the snotty twenty-some audience who applaud Foxx’s outburst of anti-white bigotry, I couldn’t wish them enough pain and suffering at the hands of their justified despisers.