The twelfth annual h.l. mencken club conference


The conference this year will address the provocative question “Regionalism Versus Nationalism: Is a Choice Still Possible?” The panels will center on the historical tensions between regional and national identities in the US and will look at why nationalism won out in this contest. The question will also be addressed whether some balance between the two is still feasible and if not, then why not. Also to be considered is whether what is now considered nationalism by the authorized conservative movement really represents any kind of historic nation. Is this reference point the celebration of a nation or an apparatus of centralized government yoked to consumerism? These will all be treated as open questions that will likely come up during the conference.

The Mencken Club is one of the few intellectual forums willing to broach the central theme of this year’s gathering; and as usual we have invited distinguished guests to engage our controversial topic. In addition to knowledgeable panelists from past years, we have invited Ed Martin, who worked with Phyllis Schlafly at Eagle Forum prior to her death. He will discuss his views on Phyllis Schlafly as an “American nationalist”.

We are looking forward to seeing all our familiar friends for animated discussions in a congenial environment!

To register for this year’s conference which will be held November 8 th and 9th, please click on this link.

Please note that all registrations must be received by October 23rd, and that no walk-in registrations will be accepted.


Paul Gottfried
The HL Mencken Club