thoughts following the 2017 H.L. Mencken Club Conference


The tenth annual gathering of the H. L. Mencken Club was by all accounts a rousing success; and we look forward to holding another meeting next year that will offer attendees as much food for thought, stimulating conversation, and elegant dining. Our numbers are growing; and our meetings are eliciting widespread favorable comment. Although conservatism, inc. still does not consider us part of their authorized Right, we’ve no trouble attracting first-rate speakers. Perhaps even more importantly, we have shown remarkable staying power. Having worked to establish this organization, I can say with certainty that we are likely to be around for a long time.

As the leading forum of the Independent Right, the Mencken Club offers a home to those who want to discuss a wide range of issues completely free of concerns about political correctness. While mainstream conservatives fret about offending the Left, we run to take on hard questions. As we embark on our eleventh year, there may be a need to emphasize two points about expanding our membership and attendee base. Because of the advanced ages of many of our members, it is essential that we attract younger people as a perquisite for continued growth. We’ve already made initiatives toward this end, but they will have to be intensified as the club goes forward and as we pass on the torch to a younger generation. Further, although the present conservative movement has certainly not been our friend, we do not categorically reject those who are associated with it. We have no PC litmus tests for those who wish to join us. Indeed we welcome people from diverse backgrounds and with differing opinions who are interested in our work. Unlike others, we thrive on open discussion.

Information regarding the 2018 conference will be posted on this website late next summer. I hope to see you there!


Paul Gottfried
The HL Mencken Club