Eleventh annual mencken club conference


The theme of the eleventh annual H.L. Mencken Club Conference centers on the question “Is America a Nation?” Commentators may disagree on whether the US was ever a nation in the European sense of being ethnically and culturally cohesive. Some may accept the notion that the US was once such an entity but then ceased to be and thereafter became something else. What that “something else” was then changed over time, until Americans were taught to view themselves as a multicultural society seeking to become open to all nationalities and lifestyles. The heavy hand of government and the PC media played a gigantic role in the imposition of this current identity.

The Mencken Club is one of the few intellectual forums willing to broach the central theme of this year’s gathering; and as usual we have invited distinguished guests to engage our controversial topic. In addition to knowledgeable panelists from past years, we have invited some outstanding keynote speakers.

We are looking forward to seeing all our familiar friends for animated discussions in a congenial environment!

 To register for this year’s conference which will be held November 2nd and 3rd, please click on this link.

Please note that all registrations must be received by October 19th, and that no walk-in registrations will be accepted.


Paul Gottfried
The HL Mencken Club